Open-Source Renewable Energy | TFOT…….

A project that combines open-source collaboration with renewable energy, this is a geek dream come to life.

An open-source engineering project is currently under development in Canada. The project aims to create a new power plant design that will use a combination of solar and geothermal energy for use in more distant locations without polluting the environment. Comprehensive coverage appears here for the first time.

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The All-Seeing Orb Says You Are Wasting Electricity | TreeHugger…….

This is such a simple, elegant solution to get people excited about saving power.  Now, if only there was an extension which would work with my Nabaztag.

Mark Martinez of Southern California Edison couldn’t get people to conserve energy when power supplies were tight, no matter what he did, and then applied the power of the orb. Within weeks, Orb users reduced their peak period energy use by 40%. Martinez says "its nonitrusive. It has a relatively benign effect. But when you see your ball flashing red, you notice."

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Study: ‘Gay-Friendly’ Cities Enjoy More Economic Prosperity | Raw Story…….

It seems like a no-brainer. Cities open to new ideas would produce an economic environment open to innovation.

Florida said he thinks it is the open mindedness of these cities that has allowed economically successful communities to emerge, rather than prior economic success attracting open minded people.

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