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This is an impressive new development in education.

Gov. Christine Gregoire signed legislation May 9 allocating $5.4 million to train a small cadre of 50 math coaches in the 2007-09 biennium and 25 science coaches in 2008-09. The pilot project is part of a $69 million state initiative to boost math and science achievement and includes a revision of state math standards and curriculum, pay incentives for math and science teachers who teach in challenging schools and $40 million in teacher training.

Educators say instructional coaching has shown impressive results across racial and economic lines in reading. Such gains haven’t been shown for traditional professional development in which teachers are sent to conferences, which may not be relevant to their style of instruction or the demographics of their students.

"We’ve seen very powerful results, particularly when coaches are embedded in the daily lives of teachers," said Stephen Fink, executive director of the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership.

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ED in 08

It is time to have a serious national dialog about the sorry state of American education.  As the new Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce noted, the educational process itself is in need of reevaluation:

The governance, organizational, and management scheme of American schools was created in the early years of the 20th century to match the industrial organization of the time.  It was no doubt appropriate for an era when most work required relatively low literacy levels, most teachers had little more education than their students, and efficiency of a rather mechanical sort was the highest value of the system.

In recent years, American industry has shed this management model in favor of high-performance management models designed to produce high-quality products and services with highly educated workers.  Some school districts are moving in this direction.  That movement needs to be accelerated, formalized, and brought to scale…..

The ED in 08 initiate hopes to bring this debate to the 2008 presidential race through a combination of targeted advertising and taping the energy and enthusiasm of the netroots.  The goal of this advocacy campaign is to raise concerns about American education into a top tier campaign issue.

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What does a report on the state of the American education system written by the wonky New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce have to do with global warming?  As it turns out, plenty.

There are two economic arguments put forth by the global warming doubters to derail any action on climate change.  The first: implementing the necessary changes to reverse global warming will, hypothetically, ruin the economy.  The second: India and China refuse to limit their emission of green-house gases, so why should the United States cap carbon and leave itself vulnerable to unfair competition.

Sadly, globalization combined with a sub-par educational system has left many American workers vulnerable to real economic hardship under our current system.  Any job which preforms routine work can, and will be, automated or moved off shore where the work will be performed by highly educated workers who are willing to work for half the cost.

According to The New Commissions report:

"If we continue on our current course, and the number of nations outpacing us in the education race continues to grow at its current rate, the American standard of living will steadily fall relative to those nations, rich and poor, that are doing a better job.  If the gap gets to a certain–but unknowable–point, the world’s investors will conclude that they can get a greater return on their funds elsewhere, and it will be almost impossible to reverse course.  Although it is possible to construct a scenario for improving our standard of living, the clear and present danger is that it will fall for most Americans."

And what exactly, is the scenario The New Commission envisions which could reverse this dangerous trend:

"The application of information technologies has by no means run its course, but there is every reason to believe that several other technologies are poised to make a similar impact on the same scale.  Among them are nanotechnology, biotechnology, and a group of technologies that may hold the key to energy independence.  Through history, new sources of energy, particularly steam and electricity, have powered decades-long economic growth, destroying entire collections of old industries and giving rise to new ones."

In order for the United States to continue to dominate as the world’s economic super-power, there needs to be a drastic shift in our national priorities. 

The educational system will need to be radically reconstructed to produce a new type of student.  This student will have the skills in mathematics, English, and science which are equal to, or better in quality, compared to the highest standards of our economic rivals, namely India and China.   But this alone will not be enough, as The New Commission explains:

"The crucial new factor, the one that alone can justify higher wages in this country than in other countries with similar levels of cognitive skills, is creativity and innovation.  Our firms will not win unless they can produce not merely an incremental improvement on the lower-cost competition, but with ideas that will lead to a quantum leap in value to the customer."

Given this new economic reality, the second argument against action on climate change seems ridiculously short-sided.  By choosing not to innovate and develop the clean energy necessary to limit, if not eliminate the production of CO2, India and China have given the United States a huge opportunity to get back in the game.

Let’s have some fun and seize this opportunity.