Encyclopedia of Life Is Alive! First 30,000 Represent 1.6% | The Daily Green…….

E.O. Wilson’s brilliant project comes to life.

The 30,000 species in the database now is miniscule, not even 2% of the 1.8 million species known to science. No surprise, then, that it will take til 2017 to fill the database with 250 years of scientific exploration and discovery.

"It is exciting to anticipate the scientific chords we might hear once 1.8 million notes are brought together through this instrument," says Jim Edwards, Executive Director of the EOL. “Potential EOL users are professional and citizen scientists, teachers, students, media, environmental managers, families and artists. The site will link the public and scientific community in a collaborative way that’s without precedent in scale.”

What, exactly, is the Encyclopedia of Life?  Check out this clip:

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The Fraud of Bushenomics: They’re Looting the Country | AlterNet…….

This article puts together all of the disastrous pieces of Bush’s elitist economic ideology.

It explains, in easy to understand terms, what went wrong, and a common sense approach to creating economic value, rather than destroying it.

This straight forward plan includes, investing in alternative energy and infrastructure (people and things), creating a single-payer national health plan, raising taxes on the super-rich, and balancing the national budget.

One way to think of what the administration has done, is as a leveraged buyout. That’s when someone buys a company, using the company itself as the collateral for the loan used to purchase it, usually at very high interest, then pays off the interest by cutting the work force and salaries, selling outsets and even breaking up the company.

It’s good for the guy who makes the deal, skims the cream off the top and gets rich. (The company that Mitt Romney got rich working for specialized in doing that.) It’s good for the lenders, who get a good return (if the buyer is able to squeeze enough money out of his purchase), but it’s bad for the work force, bad for the company, and, if no one comes along to replace it, bad for the business as a whole.

We’ve experienced a leveraged buyout of the national economy.

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Exercise on the Brain | The New York Times…….

Physical exercise leads to a healthier body and brain.

One form of training, however, has been shown to maintain and improve brain health — physical exercise. In humans, exercise improves what scientists call “executive function,” the set of abilities that allows you to select behavior that’s appropriate to the situation, inhibit inappropriate behavior and focus on the job at hand in spite of distractions. Executive function includes basic functions like processing speed, response speed and working memory, the type used to remember a house number while walking from the car to a party.

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Cheney Forced Out Former EPA chief | Raw Story…….

Christine Todd Whitman is no champion for the environment–not by any twisted stretch of the imagination.  When Cheney’s actions make Whitman look good, it is proof positive that we are all in serious trouble.

New reports today reveal former EPA head Christine Todd Whitman left the Administration because Vice President Dick Cheney pressured her to accept pro-industry coal power plant rules which threatened ghastly air pollution.

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