An Introduction to Square-Foot Gardening |…….

This link provides an exhaustive do-it-yourself guide to planting a high yield, low maintenance garden.  If you have any interest in getting your hands dirty this spring, this is the place to start.

Grow your own food and save money. "The square-foot gardening concept is simple: Build a raised bed, divide the space into sections of one square-foot each, and then plant vegetables (and/or flowers) in just the amount of space they need…"

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Your Car + Your Commute = A Visit to Your Doctor | The Washington Post…….

padded cell

Americans are the fattest people on Earth. It is time to rethink our use of the automobile. Learn more from The Washington Post via Digg:

Cars once aided in people’s lives and were considered a saving grace for long hauls, recreation, and convenience. Now they are poised to do us more harm than good, from environmental costs to personal health costs.

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