AT&T Silences Pearl Jam | Future Music Coalition…….

Some have argued that AT&T’s censorship of Pearl Jam’s Lollapalooza Web-Cast is not a breach of net neutrality.  I disagree.

The fundamental issue of net neutrality is that service providers have no business interfering with the content which passes over their networks–whether it is the speed at which the bits flow, or the message embedded in the movement of those packets.

To learn more about AT&T’s poor record regarding "Internet Freedom"  read Tim Karr’s article AT&T: Your World Censored.

KEXP 90.3 FM…….

"Nothing gives me greater pleasure as a professional garage futurist than to ponder some weird new mutant medium and wonder how this squawking little monster is going to wriggle its way into the interstices between human beings." -Bruce Sterling


Radio builds community, and few stations do it better than KEXP in Seattle.

Back in the day, college radio was the skunk-works of communication.  The stations were interesting and embraced new bands, but were kept in the low wattage sand box.  This way, college kids could pretend to be DJ’s and the community at large would not risk contamination with anything too challenging.

KEXP has bridged the digital and cultural gap.  Thanks to the web and Internet Radio, the little station that could is building a devoted following around the globe.

If you are ready for fresh ideas and the chance to hear new music, tune into KEXP’s streaming radio broadcast. 

The easiest way to hook-up is using a Slim Devices Squeezebox which offers KEXP as a pre-programed partner in the SqueezeNetwork  "Always-on" Internet Radio broadcast.

Take a chance.  This is your opportunity to connect with others who think that "music matters".