Apple Store to Begin Charging Entrance Fee | BBspot…….

So, when do rabid fan-boys shed what is left of their individuality and happily join a cult?  How about when they pay $5 to enter an Apple store and allow their movement to be tracked by wearing an Apple button.

If you want to see the iPhone at an Apple store, be sure to bring some cash. Large crowds flocking to see the iPhone and next generation iPods have forced Apple to begin charging a $5 entrance fee for Apple stores. Many analysts anticipated the move, and expect a positive response from customers.

It is time to start thinking differently.

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The PlasmaCar…….


Choosing an appropriate ride-on toy can be tricky business.  You are faced with two options: buy the cool looking retro-toy, which is clumsy to ride, or purchase the less expensive, clunky, plastic mass–with limited appeal– that, inevitably, will find its way into our clogged land-fills.

Thank goodness, for the PlasmaCar.  Now you have the option of a ride-on toy that is, literally, fun for the whole family.  Starting at three years old, a child can play on this toy until he or she reaches 220 lbs.  If the rider wants to use the PlasmaCar on a rough, fat surface, the weight limit is 120 lbs.  This is the only ride-on toy, which I know of, where everyone can have a turn and participate.

How does it work?  The PlasmaCar moves forward with each half-twist of the steering wheel. Once you become familiar with its unique steering geometry, riding the car becomes an almost hypnotic experience as you weave side-to-side while the toy is propelled forward.

The PlasmaCar is definitely a home-run.  So sweep the floors, roll-up the carpets, and start having some fun!

Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs…….

"You want to be careful with those," Ron warned Harry. "When they say every flavor, they mean every flavor!"


The gross-out jelly beans may have received most of the attention but I’m kooky for the chocolate frogs.  Each foil package contains a small, crispy chocolate frog and a collectible wizard card.  What could be better than that?

Ugly Dolls…….

Uglydolls Ugly Dolls are the creatures which live under little kids beds, in the back of their closets and in between the storage boxes down in the basement. All of the Ugly Dolls have problems. For instance, Ox is a kleptomaniac and his friend Wedgehead is a bit of a mooch. Ice-Bat freezes everything he touches. Babo is codependent. All of them seem to be extremely fond of snacks. Collectively the Ugly Dolls are the spawn of pure imagination and kids find them irresistible.