Nation’s Major Newspapers Ignore Iraq War’s 6th Anniversary| Think Progress…….


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Is this an example of the indispensable “reporting” which only newspapers provide?

Today marks six years since former President Bush launched the invasion of Iraq — a preventive war of choice based on “intelligence fixed around the policy.” Since that time, hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent, over 4,000 U.S. servicemen and women and hundreds more from coalition countries have died (tens of thousands more physically and mentally wounded), nearly 100,000 (or more) Iraqi civilians have parished and nearly 5 million have been displaced. Yet the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, and many other major American newspapers are ignoring the anniversary today. Only USA Today printed a story noting the anniversary of the invasion. Today’s Progress Report has more on the good, the bad, and the ugly of developments surrounding the Iraq war over the last year.

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Bush’s Secret Dictatorship | The Washington Post…….


Here is the second reason why I will not shed any tears when the legacy media fails.

While President Bush secretly established himself as the de facto dictator of the United States of America, the third estate–supposed protectors of the Constitution, chose to spent it’s time obsessing over Anna Nicole Smith and which public figures did not love America enough.  Pathetic.

Scott Horton blogs for Harper’s: “We may not have realized it at the time, but in the period from late 2001-January 19, 2009, this country was a dictatorship. The constitutional rights we learned about in high school civics were suspended. That was thanks to secret memos crafted deep inside the Justice Department that effectively trashed the Constitution. What we know now is likely the least of it.”

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Coal-Sponsored CNN Rejects Anti-Coal Ad | Think Progress…….

This is just one, of the multiple reasons, why I’m not crying myself to sleep at night over the demise of the legacy media.

On Thursday, the Reality Coalition launched an ad “to demolish the notion that there’s anything clean about so-called clean coal.” Academy Award-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen created the anti-coal ad to harpoon the coal industry’s greenwashing campaign. The CNN rejected ad includes the line, “The most trusted name in coal.”

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Who Put The Con in Neo-Con?


With all of the rejoicing regarding the imminent departure of George Bush, it is easy to forget there were two, rather than just one, epic failures over the last eight years.

The obvious failure, of course, was the rise and fall of the George W. Bush presidency.

Yes, Bush will soon take leave of Washington D.C., but the damage he inflicted on the United States, and its citizens, will remain for many years, and in some cases can not be undone.

Let’s see now.

We lost the Twin Towers and New Orleans.  Invaded the wrong country in the Middle East and ran up 2 trillion in debt paying for it.  The housing bubble burst, the financial markets froze, and unemployment sky-rocketed.  Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay became international symbols of U.S. style democracy.

The other epic failure is more difficult to detect, because it is the shadow of the first.

Who enabled Bush to not only to reach the oval office–under dubious circumstances–but to remain in power despite his abuses, and avoid any accountability?

Our so-called free press (with a powerful assist from Congress).

How could one forget the network’s sudden election night flip-flop on Florida in 2000, the rush to legitimize the shady results with the Supreme Court, and demands for Al Gore to concede “for the good of the country”.

How about the monkey business that took place in Ohio in 2004?  Why would terrorists care about the presidential returns in Ohio’s heavily Republican Warren County?

Sure, George W. Bush gravitated to simplistic solutions when it came to foreign policy.  He liked explaining complex conflicts, like the instability in the Middle East, in terms of good against evil.

And, of course, after his epic failure on 9/11, President Bush instantly fell in love with the whole neo-conservative view of his vast new presidential powers.

As it turns out, American military might always makes things right.  Plus, if the President does it, well prest-o-change-o, it is now perfectly legal.

Lucky for Bush, the television networks had long ago embraced his same simplistic binary model, using it to quickly translate the complexities of the modern world into easy to digest 20 second news bites.

So, when W. showed interest in the presidency, he was the perfect spokesmodel for the network’s brave new world.

Saddam Hussein was somehow behind 9/11, instead of Osama bin Laden, who took credit for the attacks.  Saddam Hussein has Weapons of Mass Destruction!!!  We must invade Iraq because of 9/11.  Bush is the only one who can keep us safe, but only if we give up our civil liberties.

So what, if all of these assertions were obviously false and sometimes absurd.  The media was more than willing to play along and prop-up their wartime president.

But all good things must come to an end.  Bush is now headed for Texas and the media is working extra hard to rehabilitate its Bush ass-kissing reputation.

Suddenly, David “I like to dance with Karl Rove” Gregory is vowing to hold the Obama administration’s feet to the fire, while Joe Johns is threatening to unleash the media’s varsity team to get Obama to stop dodging those hard questions.

Wow, talk about an awkward transition.

So, how did Bush almost destroy American and make a superpower super suck?

First, it was an inside job. Bush had lots of help.  We can’t forget everything Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales, and my personal favourite, Stephen L. Johnson, contributed to the worst presidency ever.

Second, it required lots of help from our lap-dog media.

(Jeez, could this have anything to do with the decline in newspaper circulation and overall lack of enthusiasm for the network news?)

Zune 30GB Bug: The Official Fix is to Do Nothing | Gizmodo…….

Happy New Year!  I hope all of your Zunes woke up this morning from their Microsoft error induced hangover.  What a great new tradition to bring in the new year.

Microsoft’s responded to the Zune 30GB failure, blaming a leap-year handling bug. And they’ve provided a fix. Which is to wait til New Years, when the bug will go away by itself. Huh.

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Joe Johns’ Golden Age of Propaganda…….

Did you know the corporate media has a varsity team?

I sure didn’t.

Last night on Anderson Cooper, talking head Joe Johns let slip the existence of a media corps varsity team “of the likes you have just never seen.”

This highly trained journalistic strike-force was known for its dogged persistence and ability to get the job done.

They never take no for an answer.  Instead, these superheroes will hound presidents, always asking the difficult questions, and are never satisfied with a none response.

Here is the startling revelation, straight from the transcript:

JOHNS: Sure. And nobody wants to jump out there and start slamming him immediately. But I’ve got tell you, at the end of the day, this is a varsity media corps of the likes you have just never seen.

And people are going to hammer away at a question and an individual like Barack Obama doesn’t want to ask. It’s just the nature of the beast. Wherever you go, you’re going to get that question after a certain point.

Wow…at every turn…hammering away at the hard questions…it’s just the nature of the beast.  Booyeah, I tell you.

This, of course, got me thinking.  Where has the awesome varsity media corps been hiding for the last eight years?

You know, when Bush lied us into the Iraq War, a shredded Constitution, an economic apocalypse, and a climate crisis turned into a daily worldwide catastrophe.


Bush Passes The Buck On Iraq Mistakes And Economic Failures | Think Progress…….

George Bush is throwing a “pity party” and everyone is invited! Fabricated intelligence which led to the Iraq War–not his fault. Likewise, the economic meltdown was the result of stupid, rogue investors, certainly not Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy, further financial deregulation, or the economic burden of his two unending wars.

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Credibility Zero…….

Poor John McCain.

He watched his last chance at the Presidency go down the toilet.

His top campaign staff were shopping around their resumes before the first ballot was cast.

Even McCain saw the writing on the wall well before election day.

How else would one explain McCain’s announcement that he would not be attending his own victory party on November 2 due to space constraints.  Huh?

Although a strong argument could be make that it sucks to be McCain right now, John should take some comfort in the fact that there was an even bigger loser this election season.  Who was it?  The corporate media, of course.

No matter what meta-narrative the corporate press pushed, the unwashed masses were not buying it this election cycle.  Remember the inevitability of Rudy Giuliani?  How about Hillary Clinton?

Oh, and what about all of the smears breathlessly repeated by the corporate media which failed to stick during the campaign?

Obama is exotic (read black) and somehow foreign.  Foreign people with funny names can sometimes be terrorist.  Obama knew a terrorist, so he must be one too.

Unswayed, the corporate media decided to double down on failure and laud McCain’s v.p. pick of the frightfully incompetent Sarah Pallin as the most politically cunning move executed during the whole presidential campaign.

Outside the media’s bubble, real voters were appalled.

Hillary supporters were furious that McCain would assume they would vote for any women regardless of her record, and Republicans were equally repelled by McCain’s willingness to put an unqualified idiot into the number two slot if it would focus some media attention on his dying campaign.

In short, instead of turning around McCain’s failing campaign as predicted by the talking heads, the Pallin pick was the begining of the end for McCain.  Way to see that coming corporate spin meisters!

It has often been said that John McCain’s base is the media.  This year proves it.

However, if McCain wants to stay in politics, it might be time to find some new peeps to bring him sprinkle donuts.

Judith Miller Please Meet Dave Reichert’s Emily Heffter…….

It’s called a circular leak.

A politician has information which they want in the public domain.  This message serves a particular purpose for the politician.  It may smear an opponent, provide a distraction from a more damaging story, or legitimize a policy position.

A hand picked reporter is granted special, exclusive access to the information.  In exchange, the source of the story–who also happens to benefit from the story–gets to remain anonymous.

The reporter writes a story using this information and it is printed in the paper.  Now, the politician can cite the reporter’s story as proof that his false statements are true.

As the clip above illustrates, Dick Cheney made the circular leak famous, or is it infamous, when he used it to support his false claim that Saddam Hussein was developing WMD’s and posed an imminent threat to the United States of America.

This fancy bit of footwork helped convince the American people that Saddam was somehow linked to Al-Qaida and 9/11. The Iraq War soon followed.

Fast forward a few years.

Republican Congressman Dave Reichert is desperately trying to hold his seat against challenger Darcy Burner.  Even though Reichert has lead in the polls most of the race, Burner has pulled ahead two weeks before the election.

What to do?  Time to consult the Republican Handbook.

Why not shop around a story that Burner is lying about her Harvard degree in economics?  Once the story is in print, use the article to smear Burner in a negative ad.

Mission accomplished!


If you want to help Darcy Burner fight back against the smear, click here now.