IBM, Dell Servers Become Environment Friendly…….

Conservation is the best tool to limit the production of green house gases in the short term. 

Responding to enterprises looking to lower power consumption, the two server giants have begun to offer more environmentally friendly servers.

The AMD study found that in 2005, businesses used 45 billion kilowatt hours of electricity to run their data-center servers–double the amount used just five years earlier. Low-voltage servers with smarter power supplies and better built-in cooling systems help address these data-center power challenges.

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Architects Announce 10 Best “Green” Buildings |…….

What was considered "fringe" ideas a few years ago are quickly becoming the norm in architecture and energy technology. The green wave is growing stronger.

"What few people realize is that buildings have the greatest impact on climate change — more than transportation and industry — because they consume so much electricity and natural gas, and they’re all powered by power plants that themselves produce carbon emissions," Scott Frank, the group’s spokesman, said by telephone.

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Tell ExxonMobil it is Time to Get Real About Global Warming…….

"By giving money to both established and practically unknown groups, ExxonMobil has created a vast ‘echo chamber’ that repeats the same disinformation about global warming but gives the appearance of widespread debate among experts.  Confounding the matter further is ExxonMobil’s simultaneous funding of reputable research institutions, which serves as ‘cover’ for its disinformation campaign." -from Exxon Exposed by Emily Robinson, press secretary at UCS

expose exxon

ExxonMobil is back to its dirty tricks. 

After making a public vow to stop funding climate skeptics, the company failed to come clean and pull funding of all 43 groups which make up its band of professional climate contrarians.

The Union of Concerned Scientist has put together a letter urging ExxonMobil to drop the spin and get real about global warming.  The letter asks the company to:

*  Stop funding all groups that disseminate misinformation on global warming, publicize that information promptly, and establish clear standards for groups that receive funding in the future.
*  Match or exceed the percentage of profits that other oil giants invest in clean energy technologies.

*  Commit to reduce the corporation’s global warming pollution by 15 percent by 2020.

*  Stop blocking meaningful action to address climate change and assist efforts to pass strong policies that would reduce U.S. global warming pollution by 80 percent by mid century.

If you would like to Urge ExxonMobil to Take the Next Step, click here.

As Climate Worries Grow, Cities Turn Green |…….

green wall

Sod roofs have been around forever.  Now, modern buildings are being retrofitted to use sod roofs and green walls in order to harness their environmental benefits. 

Creating a green envelope around a building can reduce rainwater runoff and provide a 10 percent savings in heating and air conditioning costs.

In addition, these green building practices help to keep urban areas cool.

Green walls can also help offset the newly identified urban heat island effect: All the heat-absorbing surfaces in a city raise its temperature to as much as 8 degrees higher than that of the surrounding countryside. Peck says no North American city will have enough green roofs and walls to combat this effect before 2027–not even Chicago.

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Inconceivable!! First ever Solar Tower : Enviromission (Video)

hot tower

I don’t have the skills to judge if this is a promising venture.  However, it is a perfect example of the big ideas and outside of the box thinking which need to be brought together in the greatest open source project of all– Earth 3.0: beyond fossil fuel. 

The most Massive and inspiring renewable energy project ever attempted is being planned by an Australian company

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PG&E Says Hybrids Could Help Power Grid…….

Smart grid technology is the foundation for efficient green energy.  It is time to upgrade our decrepit infrastructure and use the power grid to capture and utilize all energy produced. The smart grid would be the common link which would intelligently store and distribute solar, wind, geothermal, and any other sources of power.

Here is a small taste of the future from The Central Business Times via Digg:

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has a new use for your Prius – power the grid with it — and a lot of others.

The utility, which services most of the Central Valley, says it has developed the first-ever “vehicle-to-grid technology that would let cars like the Prius, once modified, to supply electricity to homes and businesses when they weren’t being used as vehicles.

Here is a link to a diagram and picture of the modified Prius.

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1 Million Solar Roofs in 10 Years…….

Americaniventorspot explains via Digg how California has taken the lead to bring solar into the main stream:

Within 10 years, California plans to go solar on 1 million roofs in an attempt to fight global warming. It is offering rebates and tax credits to help consumers go along with the idea. It hasn’t been an easy ride though Within 10 years, California plans to go solar on 1 million roofs in an attempt to fight global warming. It is offering rebates and tax credits to help consumers go along with the idea.

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Using Solar Energy to Keep Homes Cool | CNET…….

The California-based company SolCool has developed an energy smart, air conditioner.

The unit, dubbed a hybrid solar air conditioner, is powered by direct current, allowing it to run using solar panels or in the case of a blackout, tapping into its battery storage unit.

Air conditioners in general consume a lot of power and are particularly taxing to electricity grids. Because the need for cooling is highest during the day, utilities often have to turn on auxiliary power generators during very hot days to meet demand.

These peaks in power demand, when not met, cause blackouts or brownouts. Consumers also pay the highest rate for electricity during this time of the day.

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Support a National Renewable Portfolio Standard for Clean Energy…….

wind power

A national renewable energy portfolio (RPS) would reduce pollution produced by fossil fuels burned to generate electricity, decrease reliance on foreign sources of energy, and spur further development of clean sources of power.

Tom Udall (D-NM) and other U.S. Representatives have introduced legislation which would call for the United States to create a RPS which would require utilities to gradually increase their generation of power by renewable sources until they reach a target of 20 percent by 2020.

The Union of Concerned Scientists estimate this measure would produce:

  1. A 15 percent reduction in power plant emissions of carbon dioxide, the gas primarily responsible for global warming.
  2. $49 billion in consumer savings on natural gas and electricity bills
  3. More than 350,000 new jobs
  4. More than $16 billion in new farm income
  5. More than $72 billion in capital investments for renewable energy facilities in rural communities

If you would like to contact your representative to urge them to support this bill, click here.