Awareness Does Not Equal Understanding…….

Not only do I want my next President to be able to use a computer, but I expect them to be a regular user of the Internet.

This is not some nicety or boutique campaign issue.  If you don’t use the technology, then you have no understanding of the importance of net neutrality.

It really is that simple.

Sure, John McCain can claim he is aware of the Internet, but I want to see it in action. ( Oh, and btw, having your wife work the computer for you, just doesn’t cut it.  At best, this domestic division of labor comes across as a tad bit sexist–and you certainly don’t need that if you want to continue to woo those uppity Clinton holdouts. )

Come on.

How can McCain appreciate the importance of download speeds if he has never watched a video on YouTube, tried to download a movie from NetFlix,  or hit refresh during an auction on eBay?

Or worst still, would McCain feel even slightly screwed if the the full range of choice offered by an open and free internet, was boiled down to ten proprietary selections offered by his ISP?

I didn’t think so.

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