Hoodwinked is a fresh look at the time worn tale of Little Red Riding Hood.  This time the police are on the case and Red, Grandma, and the Wolf have some explaining to do.  Otherwise, as the Bear police chief points out to the Wolf, "You’ll be doing nine to five in an old shoe with no windows."  More than anything else this movie cleverly explores the idea of individual points of view and the problems which occur when incorrect assumptions are made.

Cory Edwards has created a fast paced movie with funny, interesting characters who communicate using sharp, witty dialog.  He also has a well honed eye and ear for pop culture.  The Wolf seems to be modeled after Chevy Chase’s Fletch, complete with his love of disguises and Laker jerseys.  Grandma has a lust for life similar to Ruth Gordon’s Maude.  Twitchy, the super charged squirrel, spends one scene in a sheep costume reminiscent of GIR’s dog disguise for Invader ZIM.  In addition, the band Wild Critters is straight off The Warped Tour.

So, this Halloween when you see Triple G cruising down the street, give a shout out.  You may just get a snicker-doodle, a’ight!

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