How the Military Analyst Program Controlled News Coverage: In the Pentagon’s Own Words | Glenn Greenwald…….

The real reason the Iraq War was not a cake walk.

Clearly, the principal reason the story has received virtually no coverage on the television networks is because the story reflects so poorly on them. But as to his primary point, I don’t believe Collins is right. The public has long been inculcated with the notion that we have a "liberal media" that opposes and undermines whatever Republicans do, etc. etc. Yet here is mountains of evidence as conclusive as can be as to how the Government/media cartel actually functions — media outlets and their corporate parents rely on the Government for all sorts of favors and access and, in return, do nothing to displease them. To the contrary, the Bush administration itself here is proudly touting its ability to control media content and ensure the presence only of pro-Government voices with regard to war and military matters.

Amazingly, not everyone bought the round the clock Propaganda R Us coming out of the network news.


On the weekend of February 15-16th of 2003, anywhere between six and ten million people world-wide, came out to protest Bush’s plan to invade Iraq.

In Seattle alone, an estimated 50,000 people came out to try to stop Bush’s war, more than the number which made Seattle protest central after the WTO flare-up. 

As Michael Moore recently said on Larry King, "I and 100 million other Americans knew that we were being played here and that they really wanted to go to war and this was about oil and that there was going to be a horrible catastrophe."

Now we know how Bush and Cheney pulled off the United State’s biggest foreign policy blunder–with a domestic propaganda program and an obedient, corporate press corps, more interested in currying favor with the powerful than protecting the interests of the people.

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