Comin’ up next on The Violence Channel: An all-new "Ow, My Balls!" -from the movie Idiocracy


It certainly is easy to have a low opinion of people these days. 

Al-Qaeda is on the loose in Afghanistan, so the United States decides to invade Iraq.  The Gulf Coast is devastated by Katrina, so our leaders send a convoy of trucks full of ice to Connecticut.  The atmosphere is filling up with heat trapping gases, so we deal with the problem by driving giant SUV’s that pollute even faster.

To paraphrase the great Ozzy Osbourne, it feels like we have gone off the rails on a crazy train.

Idiocracy won’t make you feel much better about America’s devolution.  However, it will validate some of your secret suspicions.  Mike Judge does a great job of fleshing out a future based on a projection of our current path.

Think the corporate-republican war on science is no big deal?  Welcome to a future where the health care system is run like a third tier fast-food restaurant.

Don’t think rampant outsourcing and corporate sponsorship are a threat to the public good.  Meet the Secretary of State, who is brought to you by Carl’s Jr.  

Finally, the Judge Judy-izing of our criminal justice system is just a bit of harmless info-tainment, right?  Wait until your day in court is treated like a WWF smack-down.

Don’t pick-up Idiocracy expecting a laugh-fest.  But in the movie’s defense, I don’t think anyone who was mocked in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels thought that book was particularly funny either.

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