Over the Hedge…….

"That is an S.U.V; Humans ride in them because they are slowly losing their ability to walk." –RJ from the movie Over the Hedge

over the hedge

The effect of suburban sprawl is the unlikely topic explored in this very funny Dream Works movie.   I can’t imagine what the pitch must have been that earned this movie the green light, but I’m grateful it worked.  Over the Hedge is an absolute gem.

The story is about a motley group of animals who awake from hibernation to find most of their beloved forest gone.  Instead, it has been replaced by an imposing hedge which secures 54 acres of suburban paradise.  Now the animals face a food shortage, and to make things worst, they are suckered by a willy raccoon who needs their help gathering a wagon full of human food for an angry bear.

Rent this one today.  You will not be disappointed.

Here is track thirteen for the playlist: My City Was Gone by  Pretenders.

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