Credibility Zero…….

Poor John McCain.

He watched his last chance at the Presidency go down the toilet.

His top campaign staff were shopping around their resumes before the first ballot was cast.

Even McCain saw the writing on the wall well before election day.

How else would one explain McCain’s announcement that he would not be attending his own victory party on November 2 due to space constraints.  Huh?

Although a strong argument could be make that it sucks to be McCain right now, John should take some comfort in the fact that there was an even bigger loser this election season.  Who was it?  The corporate media, of course.

No matter what meta-narrative the corporate press pushed, the unwashed masses were not buying it this election cycle.  Remember the inevitability of Rudy Giuliani?  How about Hillary Clinton?

Oh, and what about all of the smears breathlessly repeated by the corporate media which failed to stick during the campaign?

Obama is exotic (read black) and somehow foreign.  Foreign people with funny names can sometimes be terrorist.  Obama knew a terrorist, so he must be one too.

Unswayed, the corporate media decided to double down on failure and laud McCain’s v.p. pick of the frightfully incompetent Sarah Pallin as the most politically cunning move executed during the whole presidential campaign.

Outside the media’s bubble, real voters were appalled.

Hillary supporters were furious that McCain would assume they would vote for any women regardless of her record, and Republicans were equally repelled by McCain’s willingness to put an unqualified idiot into the number two slot if it would focus some media attention on his dying campaign.

In short, instead of turning around McCain’s failing campaign as predicted by the talking heads, the Pallin pick was the begining of the end for McCain.  Way to see that coming corporate spin meisters!

It has often been said that John McCain’s base is the media.  This year proves it.

However, if McCain wants to stay in politics, it might be time to find some new peeps to bring him sprinkle donuts.

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