The Dead Milkmen…….

"Once you wanted revolution.  Now you’re the institution.  How’s it feel to be the man?" -from The Ascent of Stan by Ben Folds


I have a soft spot for the abrasive smart-ass.  These wise acres are the only people with the guts to call b*llshit when everyone else is all too willing to go along and admire the emperor’s new clothes. 

You may not like what they have to say, but the smart-ass serves as an important safeguard in a democratic society. 

Frankly, who else today has the junk to call out the pompous abuse of power?  Anderson Cooper?  Forget about it.

So, if you have been cursed with the ability to think for yourself and aspire to be the class cut-up, I have a suggestion. 

Start your journey with The Dead Milkmen’s  Beelzebubba.

Here is some vintage Dead Milkmen to wet you appetite:

The man in the White House who just don’t care
He starves little kids and he dyes his hair
Now what could make him think that way?
What could make him act that way?

He’s just a right wing pigeon from outer space
Sent here to destroy the human race
He don’t give a damn about you or me
He just buys guns and watches TV

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After successfully crash landing in the Pacific Northwest, Bibo decided to take advantage of the low interest rates and gamble on the Seattle housing market. The god monster with some intelligence now resides somewhere in North Seattle.