10% of All Vehicles in Ireland to be Electric Cars by 2020 | Gas 2.0…….

Now Ireland is laying plans to convert to electric vehicles.

This article claims that a third of Ireland’s carbon emissions come from vehicles.  Here in Washington State over half of our carbon emissions are produced by the transportation sector.

Imagine what would happen if Washington State decided to embrace electric cars.  The state would create jobs and increase revenue as the necessary infrastructure is put in place.  Plus, the conversion to electric cars would reduce the state’s biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Irish government has announced radical plans to introduce more than 250,000 electric cars onto the nation’s roads by 2020, a staggering ten percent of the total vehicles in the country.

If the scheme is successful, Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI), the state energy agency, estimates an annual cut in CO2 emissions of around 350,000 tonnes. Transport currently accounts for more than a third of Ireland’s carbon emissions, higher than any other sector.

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