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One of my favorite areas of Hybridcenter.org is the Hybrid Timeline, which tries to give a clear and accurate picture of what new hybrid vehicles are slated for production in the near future.   

The list has just been updated.  Here is one of the juicy nuggets from HybridBlog:

Generation 3 Prius-mania: Rumors are running wild about what the next version of the hybrid standard-bearer will be able to do. Will it be a plugin? Probably not, but it may well have some electric-only driving capacity given the redesigned Highlander Hybrid has an electric-only mode (it can only travel about a mile in this mode, however). Will it get substantially better mileage than the Gen. 2? Very likely, but how much higher is still all conjecture (a recent report from a UK magazine has it topping 100 miles per gallon, but others have it in the 70-80 range). And, most importantly, will you be able to see out the back a little better as you hear the incessant beeping when the car is in reverse? Signs point to yes there, too. Expect the new Prius to hit dealerships in the fall of 2008.

To read the whole list, click here.

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