Automakers, Build the Cars that People Want!…….

"Fully 78% of Americans want Washington to impose a 40 mile per gallon (mpg) fuel-efficiency standard for American vehicles, according to a new Opinion Research Corporation (ORC) national opinion survey released by the nonprofit Civil Society Institute (CSI). "Green Car Congress (11/21/06)

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Americans want clean, efficient automobiles.  It’s really that simple.

Unfortunately, American automakers still aren’t getting the message.  Instead of developing clean vehicles based on off-the-shelf technology, the industry would rather continue to drag its feet and live in a dream world of unrealistically low gas prices, a stable international oil market removed from strife, and the belief that they produce a pollution free product.

Help the Union of Concerned Scientists get the message to Detroit: its time to stop the spinning and the suing and build the clean, efficient cars that Americans want.  Click here, to help.

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