Why are newspapers dying?  Could it be that reading the paper is a lot like paying for yesterday’s news at today’s prices.

Don’t believe me.  Check this out.

The Seattle P-I’s environmental blog Dateline Earth just discovered a real 52-mpg car which they breathlessly describe as the “car of the future”.

Of course, anyone who spends less than five minutes with the google will soon discover the car of the future has been available in Europe and Japan for many years now.

This turned up on my very first search in an article entitled Why automakers don’t sell a car that gets 50mpg from an article printed in Newsweek on April 4, 2008.

So gas just hit another miserable milestone. Unleaded regular is averaging a record $3.30 a gallon and seems likely to blast past $4 by Memorial Day. Wouldn’t it be great if you could drive a car that gets 50 miles per gallon? Well, you can. Just hop on a plane and fly to Europe, where all new cars average 43mpg, or Japan, where the average hits 50mpg. Here in the United States, we’re stuck at 25mpg in our considerably larger and more powerful cars, trucks and SUVs. So why can’t we do better? Here’s the dirty little secret: we can. “If you want better fuel economy, it’s just a question of when auto companies want to do it and when consumers decide they want to buy it,” says Don Hillebrand, a former Chrysler engineer who is now director of transportation research for Argonne National Labs. “Auto companies can deliver it within a year.”

Ouch.  Just because Detroit refuses to build cars that get 50 MPG, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Intrepid reporters for Dateline Earth, please take note.

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