Spokane’s Chris Marr Gives I-937 a Nice Green Shiving…….


Nothing is more infuriating than Democrats who act like Republicans.

Way back in 2006, 52% of the voters in Washington State approved Initiative 937, which required the utilities operating inside the state to generate 15% of their energy from clean, renewable sources by 2020.

Not surprisingly, since the passage of I-937, the utilities have been in overdrive, working every legislative angle, desperately trying to wiggle out of any solid commitment to green power.

Enter Chris Marr, Democrat, the utilities best friend forever, and the Washington State Senator representing the 6th Legislative District.

Mr. Marr has introduced  SB 5840, which through a little green washing and a lot of fuzzy math effectively guts I-937, allowing the utilities to wave their hands and– presto change-o –the production of 3% of their power from renewable sources suddenly becomes…wait for it…exactly the same as 15%.

How is this slight of hand accomplished?

First, utilities would be allowed to count the energy produced by existing hydro-power projects as new renewable sources.

Second, utilities could claim credit for renewable energy produced outside of the Northwest.

Finally, if a utility spends money on conservation programs, the power saved through these efforts could count as a renewable energy source.

But wait, conservation rocks, how could it be a bad thing.

Call me sceptical, but any politician who has no problem fudging a 15% mandate for green power into a 3% validation of the status quo, will probably not loose much sleep if the utilities are allowed to monkey with their numbers for energy conservation in order to boost their renewable energy count.

And by any politician, I mean someone like Chris Marr.

He may be a Democrat, but Mr. Marr is a little iffy on whole “supporting the will of the voters” thing, especially if it forces his dead-ender buddies down at the Public Utility District Association to come to grips with the energy realities of the 21st century.

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