The Great Warming…….

"The President has in fact, contrary to stereotype, been actively engaged in trying to fight climate change and will continue to do so." -Tony Snow, explaining how Mr. Bush has been a leader in the fight against climate change


The times they are a-changing and none too soon I might add.   Another movie about global warming is being released through Regal Cinemas.  The Great Warming is not about convincing a skeptical public that global warming is real.  We are way past that hurdle.

 Instead, this movie focuses on what is happening to the planet right now–melting glaciers and rising seas are the falling dominoes which bring about more severe weather, droughts, disease and famine. 

Most importantly, The Great Warming highlights what people are doing right now to turn things around.  Here is a review of the movie from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  These are two of my favorite paragraphs from this article:

The movie makes a big point of showing us how the Evangelical Christian movement is leaping on the global-warming bandwagon with the concept of "Creation Care," and predicts the Republican Party won’t be able to duck the matter much longer.

Indeed, "The Great Warming" ends with a very stern warning, suggesting, in so many words, that the current leaders who, in the face of all this evidence, do nothing about the problem run the risk of going down in history next to Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot.

Here is a link to the trailer on YouTube.   Watch it and then reach out to someone who is your ideological opposite and take them to see this move.

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