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"This next American era will not be one dominated by these two exhausted ideologies of the past, but will be a battle for the mastery of a new, as yet unarticulated 21st century governing approach suited to the challenges we face today and built around the media and people of our time. The core direction of this battle is not the left-right one fought at the end of the last century, but will be more about forward and backward." -diary post on Daily Kos by Simon Rosenberg

Lost in all of the post election excitement is the fate of Richard Pombo, who until Tuesday, was the untouchable chairman of the House Resources Committee.  Pambo, a six term Republican representative from California’s 11th District, was defeated by Jerry McNerney, a wind power consultant.

To put it fairly, Pombo was no friend to the environment.  Salon describes his relationship in this way:

Pombo’s sins against the environment are well-documented. Global warming, he declared, was a "myth." He worked to gut the Endangered Species Act, to permit drilling for oil off the California coast, to sell public lands to mining interests. He was supported financially by the oil, gas, and timber industries, and seemed to relish making outrageous statements designed to drive environmentalists into apoplectic fits. From the day he came to Congress — as part of the momentous Republican takeover of the House in 1994 — he has done his absolute best to support the interests of private enterprise at the expense of the public good.

The Salon article goes on to wonder out loud if this is a turning point for the environmental movement.  A sign its once waning influence is on the rise.  Well, after 12 years of outright Republican hostility towards the earth, a stronger environmental voice in our public discourse certainly would be a positive change.

My hope is this change in leadership is a sign that people are ready to return to an environmental policy guided by strong science rather than cronyism and outright corruption.  It is time all stake holders get an opportunity to shape public policy, not just they few who would personally benefit.

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