What Does ESSB 5840 Do to I-937’s Renewable Energy Standard?…….


It allows utilities to reduce their annual new renewable-energy targets to their annual growth in their overall power needs. That change alone could cut 44% off I-937’s 2020 target, depriving the state of much-needed economic-development opportunities.

It cuts another eighth off I-937’s 2020 standard by grandfathering in old existing resources (particularly small hydro and biomass), and does nothing to create jobs and reduce climate emissions. Some of those resources have been operating since the 1800s.

It counts additional resources toward the target — including black liquor, even more hydropower, and conservation beyond I-937’s separate energy efficiency targets,  effectively displacing nearly a fifth of the law’s eligible renewables in 2020.

Coincidently, failing to develop our non-hydro renewables carries a heavy, long term cost, as climate change continues to reduce the Northwest’s snow-pack and restricts dams acess to water.

Overall, SB 5840 would cut the voter-endorsed renewables standard up to 75% or more in 2020.  ( Source)

Had enough?

Plan to attend a Town Hall meeting this weekend to let your representatives know that you are paying attention and are not pleased with Olympia’s effort to gut I-937’s voter approved mandate.  Here is a link to get you started: http://www.educationvoters.org/files/Townhall_March2009.pdf

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