Why I Like Mike…….


Why would I like to see Mike McGinn as Seattle’s next mayor?  A lot of it has to do with his three pronged, people-centric agenda.

First, there is the emphasis on education and holding the city accountable for the state of Seattle’s schools.  If Seattle wants to be a world class city, then it needs to take a hands-on approach to education.  It’s just that simple.  Our schools are the city’s unofficial R&D department and talent incubator.  People will move to be part of a great school, and they will leave to escape a poor one.

Second, McGinn wants to provide a citywide, high speed fiber optic network to every citizen.  Not only will this upgrade help the city to continue to attract and attain its knowledge workers, but it will allow those without access an opportunity to develop their digital talents as well.  The internet is no longer a nicety.  It is where a large portion of Seattleites work, play, and collaborate–continuing to treat this vital piece of infrastructure as trivial is a big mistake.

Lastly, by focusing on local transportation solutions, McGinn goes a long way toward solving one of the biggest problems facing our city.  Instead of worrying about how to move more cars, a people-centric plan works to move more people.  Getting people out of their cars and onto bikes, side-walks, and buses is good for our neighbourhoods, local businesses–and goes a long way toward reducing Seattle’s greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Since I have always been a person who is drawn to the big picture, to me, Mike McGinn seems like the only candidate who really gets it.

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