Stop Rewarding Failure…….

I am absolutely fed up with the U.S. auto industry and the pig-headed brain trust running the show.

Let me get this straight.

The taxpayers need to bailout Detroit after The Big Three refused to innovate their products, killed the electric car, and manipulated Congress and the EPA into refusing California’s clean car waiver??


Here is what needs to happen before I would even consider throwing more money into this corporate money pit.

First, layoffs will begin with the CEO’s, CFO’s, and work their way down through the corporate management before one line worker is out of a job.  And you can forget about your golden parachute boys.

Second, Detroit will build plug-in hybrids and/or electric vehicles.  No exceptions.

Third, the American auto industry will not hinder California and the 17 other states who are trying to implement clean car legislation.  California will get its waiver and the auto industry will not sue to block it.

If the United States wants to get out of the economic hole created by Bush and his Democratic enablers in Congress, the federal government has to stop rewarding failure.

Obama and the Democrats crushed the Republicans because voters felt they would do a better job than Bush in handling the economy.

Given that assumption, why do the Democrats want to blindly dump more of our money into the failing auto industry that has stubborly refused to acknowledge reality and innovate their products?

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